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Vasco’s Story

'Melhor’, meaning ‘better’ is the philosophy that we stand by. It structures every dish we produce, and drives us to find better ways in everything we do.

Inspired by fast-paced, casual sit down restaurants and a celebration of Portuguese and Indian food, Vasco’s formed into reality. We set out to create a unique way of eating. bringing the fresh, nourishing, flavours of Portuguese with a twist of Indian to all.


Even though Peri Peri chicken is a traditional Portuguese dish, its main ingredient, African birds eye chili aka Peri Peri was actually originated from Mozambique in Africa, and were imported to Portugal.


In the name of melhor, our standards are high. Our chicken and lamb is marinated for 24 hours and is cooked fresh, served fresh. Each plate and bowl that we fill, we ensure it’s like our first. The colors and aromas, flavours and spices are always at their best when they touch your table. Vasco’s is a staple of modern Portuguese cuisine.